Harvia Sirius bathroom sauna

An ideal solution for a small space.
Harvia offers a complete new range of high quality saunas. Harvia bathroom saunas are designed especially for bathroom’s scarce space and humid conditions. The wall elements are of water, humidity and thermal insulated material. The waterproof sidewall of the sauna can also be used as a shower wall.

Bathroom sauna can be installed almost anywhere, in apartments, hotels, ships etc. Bathroom sauna is well-suited as a renovation product but it fits in new constructions as well. Assembly of a bathroom sauna is a matter of hours.

See how easy it is to assemble a bathroom sauna:


Harvia Sirius is a stylish and modern bathroom sauna model with plenty of glass surface at front. The width of the bench is over 100 cm in each model, so there is room for two persons to relax and enjoy the sauna bath of Harvia Vega Compact heater.

In the standard delivery the Formula sauna interior and panelling are of alder. The Formula sauna interior is available also in aspen. Also Futura sauna interior model can be selected, the wood material options are aspen, alder, heat-treated aspen and otie. Instead of the standard alder panelling, you can select aspen or heat-treated aspen.

The stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery. Tall, modern door handle gives the finishing touch for Sirius model. Options available: fibre optic lights, upper covering ribs and side cover.

Instructions for installation and use:
Harvia Sirius