Harvia ATV Sauna - novelty

A new way to enjoy the sauna in the great outdoors.
With the Harvia ATV Sauna, you can enjoy sauna bathing in the most inaccessible of places. The sauna trailer is easy to transport with an ATV on and off road, and the sauna accommodates up to four bathers.

Harvia M3 SL
The ATV Sauna is equipped with a Harvia M3 SL wood-burning stove. The stove is easy to heat up from outside of the sauna and offers a great sauna bath even with a small amount of wood. The stove features a WL400 protective sheath, which significantly shortens its safety distances. The sauna experience is completed by a 22 litre pipe model water heater for ensuring excellent water heating while you bathe.

ATV Sauna
Made by Ultratec, the frame and shaft structure are extra reinforced. Insulation is provided by XPS thermal insulation boards between the inner wood panelling and steel panel exterior. Thanks to the shaft support leg, the sauna stays securely in place even on uneven terrain. Transportation is provided by strong four ply low pressure off-road tires.