Luminous fibre optic lights for saunas & steam rooms

A stylish lighting solution

The Harvia Luminous fibre optic lights provide stylish lighting solutions for both saunas and steam rooms. The flexible fibre optics can be used to add a beautiful starry sky or various kinds of graphics to the ceiling or walls of your sauna.

You can find the perfect solution from several fibers. By changing the tip of the fiber you cancreate the perfect lighting solution for your sauna.

Harvia Luminous set includes:


  • same in every set
  • IPX4
  • Can be installed inside a sauna room (not inside steam room)

Fiber bundle

  • All fiber bundles have the same connector
  • Sauna sets: Glass fiber (heat resistant up to 180 °C)
  • Steam room sets: Plastic fiber (heat resistant up to 80 °C)

Optic ends

  • Sauna room: Heater lens
  • Steam room: End crystals

Sauna room installation:

  • Glass fiber heat resistant up to 180 °C
  • Illuminator can be installed inside asauna room
  • Not to be shortened
  • Adequate distance to sauna stove

Steam room installation

  • Plastic Fiber heat resistant up to 80 °C
  • Illuminator always outside the steam room
  • Plastic fibers can be shortened
  • Sealing the lead-through is important