Special saunas and infrared cabins

Wellness tailor-made for your space and your wishes.

Harvia's standard range of saunas and infrared cabins is one of the widest on the market. However, it is always possible that the planned location cannot accommodate a standard model. Harvia's special product department produces tailor-made saunas and infrared cabins according to your exact needs and wishes. All designs are based on traditional Harvia expertise and sauna technology. Special saunas and infrared cabins can be built according to measurements provided by the customer.

You can choose the door and windows for your special sauna or infrared cabin from Harvia's standard range. For saunas built into low attic spaces or under stairs, 45-degree corners can be used and the ceiling can be slanted. For commercial saunas, Harvia offers extra-firm bench structures and wall frames.